Really, that’s it?

Good Afternoon,

I have so much more to share with you from Saturday 01/19/V3.3

This would have been My Evening Report if I wasn’t having so much fun being awesome. There was a six year old who said I was awesome, you know how judgmental those children can be. I’m pretty proud of that.

He even let me keep his fireman hat from Firehouse Subs, visit which has 3 convenient metro locations.


We also played ‘Jumbling Tower’, now I won’t say what company that this project is from. BUT it is no Jenga, & I discussed this with Double –L. The reasons for the ‘less than spectacular’ experience. She has until Ben’s Birthday Friday, 04/26. He will either be 23 or 24. Much younger than the 43 years that Double –L is.

There was another reason why I wanted to post this entry, maybe I’ll get that back in my head before it goes LIVE!

The following is a shameless plug for Dani’s Walking blog.,it reminds me of Nick’s goal to walk so much for so far. I don’t know what her goal for walking is (okay I did read a little more) it was to go with her professional work at RYC Visit http://www.moveyourbodybetter. com/ for more info. If you have a blog or website & you want some free referrals. I could make it happen.

Well that’s it for right now.