My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Pre-Thursday Eve,

I haven’t done one of these in awhile.

I did some interesting mail


Let’s see what we have.

The card was from Debbie Meyer. She just joined the Century 21 Century Real Estate Office.

IF you’re looking for a house, looking to sell a house. Contact Debbie here, you can also visit her at I’ve met her though The Salvation Army and volunteered with her as well. She’s a good lady and You’d be lucky to have her as your Real Estate Agent.

I started Wednesday 01/16/V3.3 GREAT!

I woke-up after sleeping. I then washed dishes, ate breakfast, and washed the breakfast. So that’s a good way to start.

I went to the Benson Library & checked out a new book. I also got a great bookmark from my friend Paula. You can see it on instagram, WHY DO you just know know this?

I went to Westroads Mall for my 1st lunch of the day, cause Benson has NO places to eat. I don’t like what the options are. I ran into (not literally) Rebekah Rae of Action 3 News.

I also was leading the stats at work again this month.

Again this month.I'm pretty proud of the stellar job that I'm doing at a job.
Again this month.
I’m pretty proud of the stellar job that I’m doing at a job.

I hope you have a great month.

I’ll be Ready

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

As I was showering I was singing I’ll be Ready.

Today is Wednesday 01/16/V3.3 & I took an oath of confidentiality.

What song(or lyrics) do you sing when you are showering?

I have work today, that’s Eleven & One Half Hour of work. YEAH!

The word of the day is preconcert which is to arrange in advance or beforehand, as by a previous agreement.

That’s it for now, make it a GREAT Day!!!