Quotes from the World for Monday 01/14/MMXIII

Presumption is our natural and original malady. The most vulnerable and frail of all creatures is man, and at the same time the most arrogant.

Michel de Montaigne
Michel de Montaigne (1533–1592), French essayist. “Apology For Raymond Sebond,” The Essays (Les Essais), bk. II, ch. 12, Simon Millanges, Bordeaux, first edition (1580).


Good Evening Happy Monday,

*fair warning* the following blog entry is a rant.

So I noticed that I wasn’t getting my alerts from KETV today. YES I follow all 5 Omaha news outlet on twitter. Their posts come to my phone. As a involved citizen I wont to know whats going on in Omaha. Twitter is 1 way of doing that.

I do engage the news outlets from the ones in the 681, other localities, regional, and national news outlets. Engaging includes RT, praising, critiquing, mentioning the organizations, and their staff and employees.

Now ever twitter user has the right to follow, unfollow, block, and unblock other users according to twitters TOS. Now if Billy Street of Pine Bluffs wants to block, unfollow me that is fine. Billy is a private citizen and can do what he wants without a peep from me.

NOT that I have EVER blocked anyone, or unfollowed them (unless they use unsavory language). If you choose to do it, thats fine by Vernon J.

NOW if you have a public account and you block me, I can A. log out of my account view your profile. B. Open a incognito window and see your posts. So blocking me does you no good.

It does 1 thing. It puts you on my radar Im not going to hold back names or entities.

I’m not going to ask you to unblock me, cause that’s not what I expect.

But if you are Omaha’s Favorite source for locals news, weather, and sports you should allow people to freely engage you respond on these platforms.

Thank YOU!!

Eating for Two

Good Morning & Happy Monday

I’m eating for two (more after the cut)

Today is Monday 01/14/V3.3 & we are just 30 days away from Valentine’s Day.

Did you make your reservations yet? I did.

I love the smell of a piping hot waffle, what did you have for breakfast this morning?

The word of the day is also-ran which is a person who loses a contest, election, or other competition.

I’m looking forward to this week, let’s do a rundown. Work, Work, Double-Work, Work, Work, Mindi’s Birthday Party, Work.

I have to get up and go to the ‘lady with the nurses degree that wants a piece of me’. It will be my 3rd trip to the doctor’s office in as many weeks. They screwed up when they took my B12 sample on Friday. YES this are professionals that I’m dealing with.

Well I’m already up, I just have to you know. Get dressed, brush my teeth, and make like a tree and leave.

Well I best be getting to it.

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