Quotes from the World for Friday 01/11/MMXIII

Tomorrow in the offices the year on the stamps will be altered;
Tomorrow new diaries consulted, new calendars stand;
With such small adjustments life will again move forward
Implicating us all; and the voice of the living be heard:
“It is to us that you should turn your straying attention;
Us who need you, and are affected by your fortune;
Us you should love and to whom you should give your word.”

Philip Larkin
Philip Larkin (1922–1986), British poet. “New Year Poem.”

Hey Whisper

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Hey why don’t you whisper, people will listen more?

Today is Friday 01/11/V3.3 & it shall be a banking, eating, poking, relaxing, punching, working, scoring kinda day.

So I went to the Doctor’s office this morning for the follow-up appointment from Thursday 01/03/V3.3. The majority of the blood tests came back normal. My ANA was abnormal, we are waiting on more defined results. They also did my B12 Levels & some Sickle Cell panel. ANA is Antinuclear Antibody test, not a whole lot of optimism in that test name. I have the Rheumatoid Arthritis traits & stuff. If it comes back to a certain level he’ll see me to a Rheumatologist. He was like it’s Friday, I’m going to see my Rheumatologist.. One of the treatments for RA is Naproxen, which the doctor put me on. I have to take that until at least next Thursday for my wrist.

Did you know Diamond’s & Denim closed last week. They had several police calls. I’ve been there once & wasn’t impressed. No trouble there, cause I left probably before 22.00.

Have you heard of the Illuminati‘s? I don’t know if these people/religion exists, but me & Mark (he’s @Sather87) on twitter. He is a nice guy who goes to Dairy Queen for his girlfriend she is @JSkinner0407. Are you on twitter? I’d follow you if you just let me know.

On a sidenote it is MMXIII, if you have a business & you aren’t on twitter. YOU are doing yourself a disservice. It is a FREE service that allows a customer to engage your business in another way. ie I just got a groupon offer from Fit 2 Fight. You should check it out. That’s free advertising for your business that upwards of 208 people on average that could see your business being advertised. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE TO NOT have one in this day & age. On a side note the business did respond with Marcus & Sam’s account information.

The word of the day is pseude-pigraphy which is the false ascription of a piece of writing to an author.

So who’s doing what and who are you doing it with?

I think that is it.

I’m sure there will be more to come later.