Part II

So I said I would post after my nap. Since I haven’t taken a nap this is a BONUS ENTRY.

So we went to Wheatfields today. I had the (insert food here), the darn website crashed when I was trying to do this on my netbook. The website doesn’t work when you visit it on your phone by the way.

We then went shopping for a gag gift. We got someone a Justin Bieber toothbrush, apparently Melissa MaryHannah has one of those. We got them some Legg’s & some things that make your shoes sexy. I don’t know what’s going on on that side of the chromosome genes.

I then went to the Omaha Public Library and checked out Glass Heart by Amy Garvey.

I made Reservations at Crave on an ‘undisclosed date’ for us. I don’t know how it will turn out, but from my formal research data it will be better. Mindi didn’t have a date last year on that ‘undisclosed date’ & I didn’t have a date on that ‘undisclosed date’. I went & saw Chronicle last year at this time. I can’t tell you what date it was, cause remember I’m not disclosing the date. If you know anything about me & you are at so you can learn more about me RIGHT HERE!

I then went to work at the Benson Community Center, be sure to check out the Discovery Guide bouchure done by Omaha Advertising.

Then I cam home and pretended like I was going to take a nap. I didn’t. We went to California Tacos, where they serve California Tacos. Ask Michelle & she’ll tell you about that conversation.

Went to see Omaha Mavericks Hockey game today. They won the game today 1 to 3, with a population of 6,698 fans. With getting tonight’s win they became the leaders in the WCHA Conference Standings. Good Job Boys. Visit for more info.

Apparently there is a movie called FDR: American Badass!, haven’t seen the movie. BUT if Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter  was good. A movie about the XXXII President of the United States of America can’t be wrong.

Well that is it for now.

Have a GREAT Sunday!!!


*edit* at 23.47 on the 5th day of January in the 34th year of Vernon J this post was corrected to reflect who actually has a Justin toothbrush.

What do you got?

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

What do you got? I’m not sure where to go with this. But I’m sure its somewhere.

Today is Saturday 01/05/V3.3 & we have 3 hrs & 15 mins of work ahead for Vernon J.

You can stop by & visit me us at the Benson Community Center. We’ll be here till 15.00.

The word of the day is aumildar which is a manager or agent.