All I Wanna Do

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

All I wanna do is: make my bed, shower, eat, breakfast, read the news on the 1st vote in the House of Representatives for the 113th Congress, blog, & DANCE!!!!

Today is Friday 0`1/04/V3.2 & it is my 2nd to last shift of work this week.

I had a great day off yesterday. The doctor game me some Naproxen, my wrist is feeling better today.

After I got home, I had lunch and did laundry. I watched some movies (Happy Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I & II, and Training Day. I watched CBS’s primetime line up. I actually watched Two and a Half Men, it appears they have improved the familyness of that show. I haven’t watched since BEFORE Charlie was an idiot and got himself fired. I finished all but the last page of the January MMXIII Popular Science magazine.

YES I read ALOT!

I went to bed between 02.00 & 02.30 today, I don’t wanna give away all my secrets. I got up between 09.30 & 10.00, my alarm went off at 10.28. That’s how I roll I don’t need no stinking alarm clock, my body know that it is almost #dance time & needs to get started.

Oh that twitter linked you posted less than 57 mins ago isn’t on your main timeline? You must actually use twitter. I do & I appreciate my 957 followers for engaging me in conversation. I have good conversations on that social network medium. In the last XII hours I’ve been mentioned by Matt Kenseth & Academy of Country Music Awards which have a combined total of 207,082 followers. YOU know it is my 2nd or 3rd favorite one. OF course my favorite is & associated subdomains.

The word of the day is couthie which is agreeable; genial; kindly.

Where else do I go from here? & CC+ words later I’ve answered that question.

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