Just a little & $84.67

Good Evening & Happy Wednesday,

So today I decided to tackle the national debt & budget.

I looked at data from 1979 to 2012, cause those are MY years & I want to pay what I owe. No Deficits With data provided from multiple sources.

This all started with the fiscal cliff fiasco. I asked myself how much would it take from each person to balance the 2012 budget. Now the budget (that didn’t get passed by the US Congress) was $3,795,550,000, the revenue was $2,468,600,000 which gives a FY loss of $1,326,950,000. So with a little simple math you divide the loss by population. So then you get $4.23 to send to the US Government to balance the budget.

$4.23That’s what the big deal was about, asking EVERY man, womyn, & child to give just FOUR DOLLARS & 23 CENTS TO BALANCE THE BUDGET!

I was in at $25 a month, I’m in for $4.23.

That got me thinking, how much would it take to balance the budget every year that I was born and to get rid of the deficit. It can’t be that much right?

Well to balance the budget every year, (ie you write a check for each dependent). With a low of $0.00 in 1998, 1999, 2000, & 2001, to a high of $4.61 in 2009. The average would be $1.09 over the last 33 years. That ain’t that bad.

Now we consider the national debt, it was $772,000,000,000 in 1978. With us balancing the budget ever year, there would have been no increase. It would have been just paying that debt down from before my time. With the population in 1979 it would’ve cost $84.67 per individual to have a National Surplus of $61,701,600 at the end of this years additional revenue though this program.

This numbers exclude the TVM, payments on the interest to cover the national debt, and the wonderful leadership that could’ve been there with a little pull.

So are you willing to include a check for $4..23 since in your next bill paying cycle?

So are you willing to include $84.67 to pay down the debt?

We owe it to our children.