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Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

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Today is Sunday 12/30/V3.3 & we start a brand new time frame of 4 days.

So after I wrote a portion of this I went to No Frills, I walk past the bakery & smelled cinnamon rolls. They had just pulled them out of the oven. I got two of them, now that’s a good family friendly way to start the day.

Saw Sam there too.

I’m now making lasagna for dinner, it shall be yummy. I will have some salad & some garlic bread to go with it. Its okay to be jealous, cause I’m sure you won’t be getting any of this that I’m making.

The word of the day is anthropogenic is caused or produced by humans.

So there is a live webcast of University of Nebraska Hockey. Let’s go MAVS! Yesterday was a solid day for the basketball team according to II news outlet. NO apparently the sports director & announcer paid no attention to the game. WE sucked it up good at Ralston Arena.

What are you doing today?

I watched Lincoln, and I preferred Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter better.

IF you follow me on twitter you see the hashtag #CYCM. It is from this song we sang at church yesterday.

What else should I share with you today?

Well have a great day!!!