See me all the time

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

YOU see me smiling all the time. That could me everything, or it could mean nothing.

Today is Friday 12/28/V3.3 & it will be a day like yesterday.

So yesterday I finished reading Jane Carver of Waar, it was just CCCXV pages so an easy read. I’ll get another book to start reading today.

SO today I got a couple things to do, I need to visit Westlake Ace Hardware, an atm, & Olympia Cycle. That’s all I have to do in the next XC minutes. I CAN DO THIS!

The word of the day is antepe-nultimate which is third from the end. That would be this day of the week, cause the ISO says the week starts on Monday!!

Looking forward to see Omaha’s Team play at Ralston Arena tomorrow. The Bullpen will be making its annual appearance, 1st at the Ralston Arena. RPD & Security are on notice. LET’S GO MAVS! What’s a Coyote anyways? <— That makes no sense, cause the Coyote is an actually animal, but a Maverick will kick the crap out of it in a brawl.

Well this will be it for now.

Please behave yourselves tonight, and tomorrow. Sunday you can do what you want.