That’s just Physics, Baby

Good Morning & Happy Friday Eve.

Oh you slipped, that’s just physics baby.

Today is Wednesday 12/26/V3.3 & it is bonus laundry day & getting things done.

I better slow down here, I’ve started a load of laundry, eating breakfast. ALL within the 1st hour of getting up. I even got up a little early(ie before the alarm went off).

How can people ‘forget’ where the parking spots are doing the winter time? IF you know the answer to this, comments go below.

The word of the day is avidity which is enthusiasm or dedication.

Aren’t You & Vernon J the same person?

Well I’ve discovered another error in an app I use on a regular basis. I’ve sent them a twitter post, hopefully the fixed it.

Instagram appears to have fixed the error where the same picture would come up multiple time, even after closing the app. I guess we don’t really ‘close’ an app on the phone, we just go home or open another app.

I’ll be back, don’t miss me.

Did you miss me? OH you didn’t know that I was gone, because this isn’t a live & in your face entry.

Hmmmm What else do I have left to share?


I think that is it, so I’m going off for now.

Vernon J out.