My Week, so far.

Good Afternoon.

I’ve had such an amazing & relaxing week that I thought I would do a week in review.

I didn’t have to work 8+ shifts this week, so that could be part of it.

On Sunday I had brunch with Mindi’s parents, brother, sis-in-law, niece and nephew. That was fun and amazing. I think her family likes me, I’m okay with that. We picked up Krispy Kreme for the brunch(it was more breakfast than brunch), I won’t ‘tell you’ how many I had. Four of the dozen, it would’ve been five buy I shared one with Tori. They were yummy. Her niece (5 yrs old) said that I should be called Tall Tom or something like that.

On Monday I woke up. I then got to hangout with Mindi Monday night.

On Tuesday we went to Dawn & Mike’s, had some roasted turkey and fixin’s. We picked up a Country Apple Pie from Village Inn & I didn’t even get to have any. (sad face) I then went home. I finished reading Cold Kiss. There is a second book called Glass Heart, I’ve put in a hold request at the Omaha Public Library –Benson Branch. Hopefully it comes in tonight/tomorrow morning so I can pick it up.

Today is Wednesday; I woke up this morning & took care of some laundry. Got me a nap in from 12.00 to 12.30. That felt good. I started reading a new book. I started Jane Carver of Waar, I’m on page LXXXI right now. Good book so far. It is a Science Fiction novel. One of the worst kept secrets is that I enjoy reading.

Thanks for reading my afternoon musings.

Talk to you later.