Bacon Jail

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

I’m in Bacon Jail & then I see this. Nat’s TurDuckEn wrapped in Bacon

Today is Monday 12/24/V3.3 & its a ‘different’ Monday.

Apparently we(me & Mindi) have an agreement where one of us have IV slices of bacon in a week. Someone may or may not have had more/less than IV last week. So I’m not suppose to & won’t have any bacon this week. The life of a boyfriend.


The things I have to deal with.

So we have work today & by we I mean me, Mindi, & other people. Of course Jim isn’t working UNTIL next year. You can give him crap via twitter @J_G_II is his name.

I’ve planned my 1st vacation of MMXIII by planned, I mean requested & got the days off approved. We are going to Wyoming baby. I’ve never been there. YOU can come too.  The dates are friday 04/12/V3.3 though Wednesday 04/17/V3.3. The other details will be worked out at a later time.

The word of the day is glissade which is to perform a sliding or gliding step.

Don’t forget, something witty here. Cause I forgot what I was going to type.

Have a GREAT Day!!!!