So you’re 25,30, 35, 40?

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

So you’ve reached one of the ages divisible by 5. Do you think your old?

Today is Sunday 12/23/V3.3 & it is brunch & work kinda day.

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Today we had the Van Waart’s family brunch. I was invited cause I’m dating their daughter named Mindi’s. She’s awesome.

It was a good time, I think the 1+ year old came around to me in the end.

The word of the day is douce which is sedate; modest; quiet.

So now I’m working, I hope you’re having a B-Blast!

Quotes from the World for Sunday 12/23/MMXII

Friendship, according to Proust, is the negation of that irremediable solitude to which every human being is condemned.

Samuel Beckett
Samuel Beckett (1906–1989), Irish dramatist, novelist. First published in 1931. Proust, p. 46, Grove Press (1957).