Did you miss me?

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

Did you miss me posting a blog entry yesterday?

Today is Friday 12/21/V3.3 & it is a change your cover photos to winter kinda of theme.

I didn’t do it before I went to work, or after the Omaha YR Holiday party. I was a busy guy, but I had fun. You can see some pictures of my day over here.

So my day started with a smile & a kiss from me to NOT YOU!

I then started doing laundry & helped my neighbor get her car shoveled out.

So I have to finish laundry & I want  to wash dishes.

The word of the day is counterblast which is an unrestrained and vigorously powerful response to an attacking statement. I’ve counterblast-ed people in the past.

I also have to make my bed, be right back. Gotta keep the streak alive.

So as we were coming home yesterday, Mindi mention what we are having for brunch with her parent’s on Sunday. She told me that she told them that I didn’t like bacon, yeah the conversation took a turn for the worst at that point. EVERYONE knows that I like Bacon, you don’t mess with the bacon. As a side note to this instagram post, bacon comes from the belly of the pig.

You know what sucks, when you start a washer twice. Then you go to check on it & the washer didn’t finish the job. So much disappointment in that. So know I have to wait an extra LV mins for it to finish. It is okay, I won’t die. Just changes my schedule a little bit.

Have & MAKE IT a great day!