You can at any point

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

You can do anything at any point. What are you waiting for?

Today is Saturday 12/15/V3.3 & we are one day away from the halfway point.

Well I woke up this morning & opened the curtains. My phone said 04.10, I was like it is quite bright for that time.

The word of the day is buttress which is to give encouragement or support. We could all use a buttress everyday.

There was a tragedy yesterday, IT SUCKS! But like I posted we have friends & families that like or love us. That is what makes us strong and it is what we deserve. We won’t be deterred from our goals of The Pursuit of Happiness.

I have to be to work in XC minutes, so I better get started on that process. The process that takes just takes about XV minutes.

Good Luck to Omaha’s Team today, Hockey vs Minnesota State University , Mankato. Basketball vs University of Denver. We probably won’t be playing MSUM 4 times a year anymore. They will stay in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association while we move to the National Collegiate Hockey Conference. UoD will be joining us in the Summit League & NCHC so we will see alot of them. UofD will be the only school we play in every sport.

Make it a fantastic day.