Quotes from the World for Saturday 12/15/MMXII

My own opinion is that [love] is felt most completely in marriage, or some comparable attachment of long duration. Love takes time. What are called “love affairs” may afford a wide, and in retrospect, illuminating variety of emotions; not only fierce satisfactions and swooning delights, but the horrors of jealousy and the desperation of parting attend them; the hangover from one of these emotional riots may be long and dreadful. But rarely have the pleasures of love an opportunity to manifest themselves in such riots of passion. Love affairs are for emotional sprinters; the pleasures of love are for the emotional marathoners.

Robertson Davies
Robertson Davies (b. 1913), Canadian novelist, journalist. “The Pleasures of Love,” The Enthusiasms of Robertson Davies, Viking (1961).

You can at any point

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

You can do anything at any point. What are you waiting for?

Today is Saturday 12/15/V3.3 & we are one day away from the halfway point.

Well I woke up this morning & opened the curtains. My phone said 04.10, I was like it is quite bright for that time.

The word of the day is buttress which is to give encouragement or support. We could all use a buttress everyday.

There was a tragedy yesterday, IT SUCKS! But like I posted we have friends & families that like or love us. That is what makes us strong and it is what we deserve. We won’t be deterred from our goals of The Pursuit of Happiness.

I have to be to work in XC minutes, so I better get started on that process. The process that takes just takes about XV minutes.

Good Luck to Omaha’s Team today, Hockey vs Minnesota State University , Mankato. Basketball vs University of Denver. We probably won’t be playing MSUM 4 times a year anymore. They will stay in the Western Collegiate Hockey Association while we move to the National Collegiate Hockey Conference. UoD will be joining us in the Summit League & NCHC so we will see alot of them. UofD will be the only school we play in every sport.

Make it a fantastic day.