Greedy, Delicious, Bastards

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

So if you missed it, Chicago got the last batch of Twinkies. I have a unnamed friend in the area. I asked a perfectly innocent question.

A Conversation from an uninvited party
A Conversation from an uninvited party

I then find out that Twinkies are an evil bastard, well I defend them. Because I didn’t think that they were born out of wedlock.

Today is Thursday 12/13/V3.3 & it is LAUNDRY day & a IX hour shift at the Benson Community Center.

IF you’re never able to visit me during the morning shift, now is your time to do this. The address is 6008 Maple St. I’ll be the cute guy saying hello. You might not see me right away, but I’ll be there.

The word of the day is plication which is the act or procedure of folding. I sure do hate folding, but we gotta do what we gotta do. I’m doing laundry, so that means there will be some plication.

The weekend is here and my weekend consists of 26.25 hours of work, & 45.75 hours of undedicated time. Well I could so some math here, I know I’ll be sleeping. Traveling to work, Relaxing, Spending time with Mindi. Eating. What are you doing this weekend?

That’s it for now