My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Friday Eve!!!

How was your day? now enough about you!

My day was great. Got up, put in some clothes. Then went to breakfast with Nancy & Clint. I then went to work from 11.00 to 20.00.

I cam home & had some Ice Cream, washed dishes, finished my laundry.

NOW the reason why I insisted on doing this blog entry, is because of something that is important for YOU to know. See I’m not done talking about you yet.

So if you know I use twitter. Vernon J on Twitter, I follow people. I engage in conversation with people. That’s what social networking is all about. I may agree with someone, I may not agree with someone. BUT what I can’t tolerate is stupidity. YES it is Vernon J who is determining what is and is not stupid. So that is biases to start with.

I’m not afraid to say that I know things, that I think things. Sometimes I’m incorrect & will proudly say that. YES that happened today.


Now if you read the article Congressman Scott Garrett has requested that there be some accountability with any funds that go to Disaster Relief. That makes sense to me. Well Marcy went on to comment such as WTF Accountability. That’s what get us into situtions that we can’t handle. WE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE.

She also made it seem like the Sandy Disaster was worse than any other disaster in the history of disasters. AS a volunteer for The Salvation Army Emergency Disasters Services Team. Every disaster is the worst it can be. When someone loses their living quarters to fire, flood, damage, tornado it can’t get any worse than that.

As a taxpayer I see no problem with accountability.

NOW the rest is political so I’ll make you take the extra effort to read it.

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Greedy, Delicious, Bastards

Good Morning & Happy Thursday.

So if you missed it, Chicago got the last batch of Twinkies. I have a unnamed friend in the area. I asked a perfectly innocent question.

A Conversation from an uninvited party
A Conversation from an uninvited party

I then find out that Twinkies are an evil bastard, well I defend them. Because I didn’t think that they were born out of wedlock.

Today is Thursday 12/13/V3.3 & it is LAUNDRY day & a IX hour shift at the Benson Community Center.

IF you’re never able to visit me during the morning shift, now is your time to do this. The address is 6008 Maple St. I’ll be the cute guy saying hello. You might not see me right away, but I’ll be there.

The word of the day is plication which is the act or procedure of folding. I sure do hate folding, but we gotta do what we gotta do. I’m doing laundry, so that means there will be some plication.

The weekend is here and my weekend consists of 26.25 hours of work, & 45.75 hours of undedicated time. Well I could so some math here, I know I’ll be sleeping. Traveling to work, Relaxing, Spending time with Mindi. Eating. What are you doing this weekend?

That’s it for now