Oh (some citizens of) Michigan

Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday,

So on Tuesday 11/06/V3.3 the residents of Michigan voted down NOT ONE BUT TWO Union Friendly Amendments to their constitution.

Now fast forward to Tuesday 12/11/V3.3 a mere 5 weeks later.

Now the Michigan Legislature has introduced a bill that would allow non-union members to NOT pay dues.

Apparently some people have a problem with this (cough UNION administration, Democrats, & maybe some UNION) members.

At this point I haven’t read the entire text of the bill, I’m working. (or at least that’s my story), maybe I’ll catch it on Thursday.

Now being born & raised in Michigan I was a proud employee of Meijer, Inc. I was therefore required to be a member of the UFCW, I was young, naive, & it WAS the law. Michigan hasn’t had much to crow about. But becoming the XXIVth state with Right to Work Laws will be something to Be Proud of.

I posted (on twitter) early about Right to Work states & unemployment. The top VII have these laws. Read into that what you will.

Thank YOU MI citizens & lawmakers for standing strong against unions & their stories.