My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Wednesday Eve. I didn’t talk to Santa, yes I talked to THE Santa Claus yesterday. Well they fed us good at work today. Saladid, Smashed Potatos (I think the were made from scratch, I saw skin), Alfredo w/ chicken on the side, & cookies. IF they fed us more often, I’m sure I would enjoy working there more. So I’m sitting here, blogging? Did you see the great deal they have on bowtie’s at JCPenny? Oh I see. You’re not following me on instagram, foursquare, twitter. That’s okay. I appeciate you coming to The Official Blog of Vernon J. I pay for this directly, not though my unlimited data provided by the Sprint Plan I pay for. How’s your network? Oh you’re done for the month. #HaHa You can come to the Now Network, $79.99 a/month for a smart phone. That’s Vernon J’s evening report. May the Bed Bugs BITE!