My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Wednesday Eve. I didn’t talk to Santa, yes I talked to THE Santa Claus yesterday. Well they fed us good at work today. Saladid, Smashed Potatos (I think the were made from scratch, I saw skin), Alfredo w/ chicken on the side, & cookies. IF they fed us more often, I’m sure I would enjoy working there more. So I’m sitting here, blogging? Did you see the great deal they have on bowtie’s at JCPenny? Oh I see. You’re not following me on instagram, foursquare, twitter. That’s okay. I appeciate you coming to The Official Blog of Vernon J. I pay for this directly, not though my unlimited data provided by the Sprint Plan I pay for. How’s your network? Oh you’re done for the month. #HaHa You can come to the Now Network, $79.99 a/month for a smart phone. That’s Vernon J’s evening report. May the Bed Bugs BITE!

Oh (some citizens of) Michigan

Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday,

So on Tuesday 11/06/V3.3 the residents of Michigan voted down NOT ONE BUT TWO Union Friendly Amendments to their constitution.

Now fast forward to Tuesday 12/11/V3.3 a mere 5 weeks later.

Now the Michigan Legislature has introduced a bill that would allow non-union members to NOT pay dues.

Apparently some people have a problem with this (cough UNION administration, Democrats, & maybe some UNION) members.

At this point I haven’t read the entire text of the bill, I’m working. (or at least that’s my story), maybe I’ll catch it on Thursday.

Now being born & raised in Michigan I was a proud employee of Meijer, Inc. I was therefore required to be a member of the UFCW, I was young, naive, & it WAS the law. Michigan hasn’t had much to crow about. But becoming the XXIVth state with Right to Work Laws will be something to Be Proud of.

I posted (on twitter) early about Right to Work states & unemployment. The top VII have these laws. Read into that what you will.

Thank YOU MI citizens & lawmakers for standing strong against unions & their stories.

Quotes from the World for Tuesday 12/11/MMXII

All the scientists hope to do is describe the universe mathematically, predict it, and maybe control it. The philosopher, by contrast, seems unbecomingly ambitious. He wants to understand the universe; to get behind phenomena and operation and solve the logically prior riddles of being, knowledge, and value. But the artist, and in particular the novelist, in his essence wishes neither to explain nor to control nor to understand the universe. He wants to make one of his own, and may even aspire to make it more orderly, meaningful, beautiful, and interesting than the one God turned out. What’s more, in the opinion of many readers of literature, he sometimes succeeds.

John Barth
John Barth (b. 1930), U.S. novelist, educator. “How to Make a Universe,” The Friday Book: Essays and Other Nonfiction, Putnam (1984).

That’s what being successful

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

What is being successful?

Today is Tuesday 12/11/V3.3 & it is going to be a Terrific Tuesday!

I’m going to responsible for that in my world. Will your take responsibility for your Terrific Tuesday?

What else shall I lead with?

The word of the day is cruciverbalist which is a designer or aficionado of crossword puzzles.