My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Thursday Eve.

The weekend will be here in less than LXIII minutes. How excited are you?

I don’t have to wash dishes tomorrow.

I took care of that over XIV hours ago. That’s how I take care of business when I have to be at my Morning Job at 09.00.

This day was made latter cause when I got on the noon bus (1st bus of the day) there were 2 bikers already using Bike & Ride. So I couldn’t make the 22.16 Route 2 home. I’m on the 23.00 one now.

I didn’t get any chocolate today, even though I wanted some. That’ll be my treat tomorrow. XIX hours off. Technically my next FULL day off is Saturday 12/22/V3.3.

No I can’t do this. No I can’t do that. I’m sure I’ll go to chuch at 17.00, spend time with friends. That’s it & nothing else.

When’s your next day off.

I’m guessing he is tired, too. The ole bus driver taking a quick nap.