My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Wednesday Eve.

An interesting & wonderful day.

It was National cookie Day. I had some oreos, give or take VI.

I was thinking I would be an awesome dinosaur. A Brachosaurus. A nice big dinosaur to rule the world.

Not the meanest one, but the T-Rex ain’t got a tail on me.

So Thursday I will be working at 09.00 or 13.00/15.00. I’m currently scheduled for the 09.00, but life happens.

This is a good happen, too.

Well, Well, Well. What are you looking for this midweek?

Quotes from the World for Tuesday 12/04/MMXII

Revels, dances, masques, and merry hours
Forerun fair love, strewing her way with flowers.

William Shakespeare (1564–1616), British dramatist, poet. Berowne, in Love’s Labor’s Lost, act 4, sc. 3, l. 376-7.

Berowne’s plan to win over the ladies of the court.

It’s the classic

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

Its the classic, what did I do last night?

Today is Tuesday 12/04/V3.3 & it the book of First.

Well depend on when ‘night’ starts, I worked & came home. Got disappointed by a guy who thinks it is okay to promote domestic violence. It wasn’t cool then, it isn’t cool now.

The word of the day is pontificate which is to speak in a pompous or dogmatic manner.

What shall I talk about?

So apparently this fiscal cliff is coming in XXIX days. & our leaders (I use that term lightly) are acting like a bunch of babies. They apparently don’t actually care about making The United States of America a better and stronger country. This is unacceptable to ME & this should be unacceptable to YOU too. I urge you to contact your members of Congress & tell them so. Visit Contacting your Congressional  to find your Congressional member’s contact information. Do it today!!!

A good morning so far. ATM run, working. Sweeping leaves. Finding out it is National Cookie Day, gotta take advantage of these December Holidays.

Hope you make it a fantastic day!