My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy Tuesday Eve!

There’s just 1 hour & 44 mins left in the 1st Monday of December MMXII. No countdown.

Well ‘my day’ started off a little annoying. The first 2/3rds of people had one of those days.

No one told me to have a Good Day at work. I’m sure that was it. I was also not in the mood to do what I did today. But that was All done & over with at 22.00.

We know move on to Tuesday 12/05/V3.3 & its the 3rd day of the week. Just 2 days from the 7th of December.

No I’m not putting a ring on it, Cameron.

I have a 12.5 hour day ahead of me & a smile to share with you. ALWAYS A SMILE!

I bet if someone were to kick me in the shin. I’d still be doing that.

How was your day?

‘GMA’ blows Christmas secrets with Elf

GMA apparently has ruined Christmas. How the heck are are children suppose to go though life knowing that a man-made elf is magically alive. But in reality it is moved by Mom or Dad. Now I’m not one to judge peoples outrage over wimscal issues (if I were you & beleived that. I wouldn’t read any further.) YOU parents are outraged about this? Where you just going to LIE to your children all their lives? That’s going to treat them well later in life. This isn’t something to get your underpants in a bunch. PLEASE, STOP being stupid!

Yeah for a freezing phone

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

So my phone froze between 05.00 & 08.28!

Today is Monday 12/03/V3.3 & it is a YES day!!!

I start with a needle & thread.

The inside button came undone from my PANTS!

So I got up about an hour later than I thought I would because of this little freezing issue. So now I’m in ‘hurry-up’ mode. BY hurry up mode mean I’m sitting her in my jammies.

The leopard print jammies have had a good 4-year run. They don’t sell this kind anymore from Visit Pajamacity Home to get all your quality jammies for this upcoming & the next 3 winter season. I’m a size 9, just incase you are wondering.

That’s not a hint or anything, it is a clear request for you to buy me some. Can I be any clearer?

The word of the day is effervescent which is high-spirited; vivacious; lively. I’m glad to report that I am an effervescent person. I’m reporting for duty every day 00.00 to 23.45.

Everyone needs their 15 mins, my come right before bedtime.

So if on Monday at 09.38 you weren’t scheduled to work on Wednesday from 09.00 to 12.00. But at 09.39 you are now, does that mean it is overtime. Even though it just brings your total time to about 13.5 hours at the other job. Here is a snap shot of my week ahead. 

So that’s all for now.

Vernon J is out.