Quotes from the World for Monday 12/31/MMXII

Tomorrow in the offices the year on the stamps will be altered;
Tomorrow new diaries consulted, new calendars stand;
With such small adjustments life will again move forward
Implicating us all; and the voice of the living be heard:
“It is to us that you should turn your straying attention;
Us who need you, and are affected by your fortune;
Us you should love and to whom you should give your word.”

Philip Larkin
Philip Larkin (1922–1986), British poet. “New Year Poem.”

So Precious

Good Morning & Happy Monday,

This year has been so Precious, glad you’ve been able to live it with me.

Today is Monday 12/31/V3.3 & it is the FINAL day of MMXII.

Let’s ring in the next day/week/month/year with the hope that we can do it.

Well I’ve got to work today.

The word of the day is compotation which is an act of instance of drinking or tippling together.

I hope you make the most of it.

Share the

Good Morning & Happy Sunday,

Share the ‘whatever you have’

Today is Sunday 12/30/V3.3 & we start a brand new time frame of 4 days.

So after I wrote a portion of this I went to No Frills, I walk past the bakery & smelled cinnamon rolls. They had just pulled them out of the oven. I got two of them, now that’s a good family friendly way to start the day.

Saw Sam there too.

I’m now making lasagna for dinner, it shall be yummy. I will have some salad & some garlic bread to go with it. Its okay to be jealous, cause I’m sure you won’t be getting any of this that I’m making.

The word of the day is anthropogenic is caused or produced by humans.

So there is a live webcast of University of Nebraska Hockey. Let’s go MAVS! Yesterday was a solid day for the basketball team according to II news outlet. NO apparently the sports director & announcer paid no attention to the game. WE sucked it up good at Ralston Arena.

What are you doing today?

I watched Lincoln, and I preferred Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter better.

IF you follow me on twitter you see the hashtag #CYCM. It is from this song we sang at church yesterday.

What else should I share with you today?

Well have a great day!!!

Quotes from the World for Saturday 12/29/MMXII

Modern man must descend the spiral of his own absurdity to the lowest point; only then can he look beyond it. It is obviously impossible to get around it, jump over it, or simply avoid it.

Václav Havel
Václav Havel (b. 1936), Czechoslovakian playwright, president. Disturbing the Peace, ch. 2 (1986, trans. 1990).

Without a Plane

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I’m watching The Woodwright’s Shop. He is using old school tools to make The Shaker Bend.

Today is Saturday 12/29/V3.2 & we are going to IHOP for unlimited pancakes.

I am ready, let’s see how many I can eat. WE are then going to the University of Nebraska Omaha Men’s Basketball Team at Noon. I am so excited, we are bringing the Bullpen back for its annual reunion. BEST sports booster club since I’ve been a member of the UNO Family.

The word of the day is fastigiate which is rising to a pointed top.

What are you doing today?

May the grain be with you.

See me all the time

Good Morning & Happy Friday,

YOU see me smiling all the time. That could me everything, or it could mean nothing.

Today is Friday 12/28/V3.3 & it will be a day like yesterday.

So yesterday I finished reading Jane Carver of Waar, it was just CCCXV pages so an easy read. I’ll get another book to start reading today.

SO today I got a couple things to do, I need to visit Westlake Ace Hardware, an atm, & Olympia Cycle. That’s all I have to do in the next XC minutes. I CAN DO THIS!

The word of the day is antepe-nultimate which is third from the end. That would be this day of the week, cause the ISO says the week starts on Monday!!

Looking forward to see Omaha’s Team play at Ralston Arena tomorrow. The Bullpen will be making its annual appearance, 1st at the Ralston Arena. RPD & Security are on notice. LET’S GO MAVS! What’s a Coyote anyways? <— That makes no sense, cause the Coyote is an actually animal, but a Maverick will kick the crap out of it in a brawl.

Well this will be it for now.

Please behave yourselves tonight, and tomorrow. Sunday you can do what you want.

Quotes from the World for Thursday 12/27/MMXII

A place belongs forever to whoever claims it hardest, remembers it most obsessively, wrenches it from itself, shapes it, renders it, loves it so radically that he remakes it in his own image.

Joan Didion
Joan Didion (b. 1934), U.S. essayist. “In the Islands,” The White Album (1979).


Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

I finally get to eat breakfast, yeah. I’ve done some things already.

Today is Thursday 12/27/V3.3 & just under 5 full days left under MMXIII.

Well that’s all I have for right now.

The word of the day is stridulous which is making or having a harsh or grating sound.

Make it a great day.