My Evening Řeport

Good Evening & Happy End of Day!

It was a good day at the officeS & it is done. I’m just headinn home now. Get to do the same thing tomorrow.

I have my schedule set for December at my other job. Job No 2, cause remember we aren’t referring to them as Good or Not So Good jobs. It makes one of them feel inadequate.

I don’t want that on my conscious. No Way No How.

What did you do today?

We weave

Good Afternoon & Happy Tuesday!

Oh how we treat the things we interact with.

Today is Tuesday 11/27/V3.3 & it is a great day.

Woke up this morning, made my bed. Watched some news. Went to work.

Got to talk to Mindi this morning before work.  That’s always a good thing.

They sang about & pretended to be dinosaurs today in preschool. No I didn’t join in, I should havee. It was fun to listen too.

I wrote down my communications experience in my cover letter, two pages is waaaay too long. That’s okay, its a first draft.

Work is going.

The word of the day is rime which is a coating of tiny, white, granular ice particles, caused by the rapid freezing of water droplets.