Excuse me, while I PARTY!

Good Afternoon & Happy Sunday,


I’m going to be partying at First Data until 23.00. Where are you partying?


Today is Sunday 11/25/V3.3 & it is give yourself a shoutout via updating their facebook status.


The party started this morning at Vernon J’s Magic Shop with washing the dishes before 06.30, went to our church for a good sermon, then went and relaxed before work. I formatted an external hard drive for a mac, kinda a big deal. I don’t operate on a mac, I’M A PC!


The word of the day is amygdaliform which is shaped like an almond.


So now I’m at work & I am going to have a good day. When someone (in this case two people) tell you to have a Good Day at work you do. NO matter what happens. Beyond my control. I also need a good day at work today, since I no called no showed yesterday.


I think I explained what happened on twitter.


I had a good weekend, worked on Friday XI hours. I wasn’t too tired on Saturday, I should FOR SURE sign up for overtime on Monday. IF they have any more slots available. Especially since that Saturday debacle.


On Saturday WE went out to Kobe for some Sushi. It was good, we then went back home & listen to the Omaha’s Team. Put a baseball size shutout on the Chargers of University of Alabama in Huntsville. VIII is the 2nd most goals that UNO Hockey has EVER scored. YES UoAH is on that list twice.


I’m proud to be a member of Omaha’s Team.