Oh XXIV hours in the life

Good Morning & Happy Thursday,

We are already X hours & XL mins in.

Today is Thursday 11/15/V3.3 & Midtown Crossing’s Miracle on Farnam.

Midtown Crossing presents Miracle on Farnam, a season-long celebration of creativity, good cheer and authentic holiday pleasures. Stroll in the glow of sparkling lights, sip hot chocolate, and enjoy Midtown Crossing’s newest holiday tradition – a parade of dazzling window displays.

They put the tree up this morning. It’ll be nice to walk though there before the snow falls. Which apparently isn’t going to happen this weekend. I don’t know if I’m sad or ambivalent about this. It is November, I’m pretty sure it should be snowing right now.

Well I’m doing laundry this morning, like RIGHT now! I have dishes to wash & time to volunteer.

The word of the day is dovetail which is to join or fit together compactly or harmoniously.

So that’s the only thing I HAVE to do today.

The things I will probably do are alot more.

What is on your agenda today?

My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy post-Wednesday.

Found a new game on Tuesday night, played till 02.00 Wednesday morning. Hill Climb Racing – Android Apps on Google Play

Worked, had a good time

Nap, slept well

Worked, DIDN’T get yelled at! This is the measurement of how my day was at work.

Came home had a voicemail from Mindi. You know my girlfriend.

Tomorrow I am OFF, yeah.

I had this ‘notion’ that I would get up at 07.00 & do laundry. That was the dumbest thing I thought today. I’ll start a load when my alarm goes off at 09.58.

I cam home, caught up on #TeeVee. Talked to NOT I, but II Nicole’s, a Bridget & a Cassandra tonight. via twitter & facebook.

Just chillin & listening to some music before I crawl in bed. THAT reminds me, I need to turn the heat. The Heat is On!

That’s it for me.