In these times

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday,

In these time, you are the captain of your ship.

Today is Tuesday 11/13/V3.3 & it is just another great day n the life of Vernon J. It is 12,211th day to be exact.

As you captain your ship (of life), are you steering it towards the rocks, making a break for the ocean, or docking it at the lands of happiness and hope.

I’m steering my ship toward the lands of happiness and hope. Won’t you join me on the journey?

The word of the day is disbosom which is to reveal; confess. Would you like to disbosom anything to me. I’m a good listener, I think. I don’t ever ask the talkers if I’m a good listener, because then I wouldn’t be listening now would I?

Well that’s it for now! Hope you enjoy reading.

Vernon J is OUT!