Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

I think someone knocked on my door. I have a door bell.

Today is Saturday 11/10/V3.3 & you know what?

I’m not putting any of my 40+ hours at work today. You can carry your own stuff down the line today, buddy.

I do love stupid internet postings, but these are teachable moments. I therefore taught Dave.

The word of the day is nictitate which is an easy explanation of what we did yesterday.

Have a GREAT Saturday.

Are we no longer facebook friends?

I was ‘challenged’ by Allison to see if I could get under CC friends on facebook.

By Challenge I mean, I should her the list of friend requests that were denied, or just being ignored.

Apparently there were some additional deactivated accounts that now allows new friend requests to be approved.

IF you felt that your unfriending was unjust. Then you can reapply. If you liked this status, you are not eligible for a confirm. YOU should now that I’m not a Husker-football fan, it was a trap. I thought I would get the easy numbers for removing. ONLY 4 fell for it.

So send those friend requests.