Start Strong

Good Morning & Happy Saturday,

How you start will show how strong your day is.

Today is Saturday 11/03/V3.3 & we have business to attend to.

Going to see a movie in the BIG theater.

The word of the day is splendiferous which is magnificent; fine. That’s what kinda day I want to be in the drivers seat for. How about you?

Well this guy is out.


My Evening Report

Good Evening & Happy FNP!

I didn’t do an entry this morning or My Evening Report from last night.

I am tired, LONG day & nights working double shifts Wednesday & Thursday.

I was lazy this morning & didn’t do an entry. Dealing with things over here

Bedroom Rules(when married)

  • Make the bed everyday
  • The bed is for sleeping & other stuff ONLY
  • If you’re not sleeping, do the other stuff.
  • No Reading, Watching TV, or Eating(except mothers days, fathers day, & Birthday’s)
  • Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets are a must to get that nice smell.
These rules have been approved by a gentleman & a lady. SO they are now official.
I had a good day at work, no one yelled at me. Day IV of XI days down. Can’t wait till Saturday 11/10/V3.3
The word of the day is canonize which is to glorify and honor.
Tomorrow is Saturday & I have movie, work, & a Birthday Party.
I’m getting ready to go to bed, I have to be up in less than VII hours.
Vernon J out.