It’s Offical

Vernon is going to a NASCAR sactioned race.  It’s going to be so fun.  WIR here I come.  Wisconsin International Raceway is in Kaukauna, WI.  I hope Jessy or Sara are near there so I can see them.

15 Intelligence Agencies

Are we stupid?  We have 15 different intelligence agencies.,

NASCAR Drive for Diversity

We all know that I hate(d) using a race for anything in life.  But I just am getting the oppportunity of a lifetime.  I could be in NASCAR next year, that would be so sweet.  The Vernon in NASCAR as a crew mmber, sweet.

Bombing Bastard

Not that I care that he did the bombing(because people die anyways), but this bitch is now suing.  How the hell you not know he wasn’t going to be in the fillm?

Casa Bonita

If you get a chance to watch 1 episode of south park let this be it.  Legal freebies of the episode:


I need some rfrences for the Mobil(r) application.  Can I get some names and numbers, and addresses?