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I figure me and the rest of the world can have fun at Rebecca’s current comedic routine.,,

The asshole in me

(name withdrawn) .: i guess she didn’t know what she had until she lost it, ya know??
[23:30:57] Vernon D.: I am so sorry
[23:31:15] Vernon D.: I did not mean for her to break up with me and go out and get another boyfriend
[23:31:26] Vernon D.: oh my, what could I have done differently

I just find it totally hilarious that you asked me ‘so. . . getting back together is out of the question?
‘ I just love it that I got it. after 11 months for some dumb reason you got the balls to ask me that question. Wow I only broke up with 1 person in my life, and would never have done that. What does it take?

Vernon ‘The Shit – today, tomorrow, and yesterday’ Joseph
I e-mailed this too her