I’m the shit

not that half you people don’t already know it, or maybe I just beleive that. Rebecca still is attracted to ‘The Vernon’ I still got it

What the fuck

Rebecca has the ordasity to im me today!!!!!

Session Start (oddnew:dainties18): Mon Jun 28 22:29:16 2004
[22:29:16] dainties18: are you going back to northern
[22:29:28] Vernon D.: why are you talking to me?
[22:29:41] Vernon D.: I’m sorry
[22:29:43] dainties18: cuz im curious
[22:29:50] Vernon D.: why the FUCK are you talking to me
[22:29:50] dainties18: sorry for?
[22:30:04] Vernon D.: well let me put it like this
Session Close (dainties18): Mon Jun 28 22:30:18 2004

Session Start (oddnew:dainties18): Mon Jun 28 22:30:48 2004
[22:30:49] dainties18: so. . . getting back together is out of the question?
[22:31:07] Vernon D.: what
[22:31:17] Vernon D.: WHY HAVEN’T YOU MOVED ON YET
[22:31:18] Vernon D.: I have
[22:31:33] dainties18: good, glad to hear it
[22:31:45] Vernon D.: FUCK OFF
[22:31:50] Vernon D.: GO AWAY
Session Close (dainties18): Mon Jun 28 22:31:53 2004

Session Start (oddnew:dainties18): Mon Jun 28 22:32:17 2004
[22:32:17] dainties18: ok

Xzfz Tfddy

for crying out loud. All I do lately is thing about that girl.. I know that there is no chance in hell that anything is going to happen, but I still keep thinking about it. A. I am NEVER dating again, B. She probably doesn’t like me that way.