Wear a Mask

I want to say 2 or 3 things about wearing a mask.

The first line you answered why we were masks.

Because if I make 1 more citizen feel comfortable in today’s world by wearing a mask. Then I’m okay with that.

For the safety (or medical) aspect; there is no risk. I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on the internet.

But I’ve purchased two masks orders from two different companies. I’ve seen a legal statement in my day. Neither one of these products carried the warning (or close to it) about negative effects on my health.

I’m not got the Government telling me (OR YOU) to do anything.

This was in response to someone’s post on social media.

*breaking news*

Now accepting friend requests on THE Facebook. facebook.com/402.5I6.440I

Port good day

I had a pretty good day.

Yes that’s a poor word choice in the title. Yes I know it is there.

I worked today. A guest came into the Omaha location. “Someone’s daughter recognized me from campus. The mom came in and said, my daughter goes to Lincoln (as in University of Nebraska in Lincoln), and said she recognized me from campus & that I always make good coffee”

A pretty stellar review.

My store has been closed since March 13th due to Covid-19.

I’ve also used this picture 3 times to express emotion, I’m using it 4 times cause I can, but no emotion.

Vernon J being emotional?

I also watched Cool Runnings in Disney+

You got me.

A few years ago I meet a lady(let’s call her Susie) at a bar (Let’s call it Crescent Moon[cause that’s the name of said bar]) & we exchanged numbers.

I found out several weeks later she had a boyfriend.

I then inquired why we exchanged number(s), she said something about me being AWESOME!

I can’t be mad at her for that.

Another blog post later today after the test.