Yes I did,

Vernon J has joined a bowling team.

Also Amazon your search results are questionable.

Do these look like bowling shoes FOR A MAN?

Vernon J sells Smiles

Your Dunkin’ DonutsDonuts launching fall menu a full day before Starbucks | Fox News #UNLDD
Pumpkin Spice in hot, iced, frozen, cold-brew, I can even put it in a HOT Chocolate, IF YOU WANT!
Maple Pecan flavor
Pumpkin Donuts
Pumpkin Muffins
NEW Maple Cream Cheese Spread
NEW Apple Crisp Donut (sometimes I call it Super Apple)
My #99Friends Runs on Dunkin’
(not available at my location, but the other #Omaha, #Lincoln Dunkin’ Donuts will have them.)
Belgian Waffle Sandwich, Maple Sugar BACON breakfast Sandwich, Pumpkin Munckins

No good

There’s no such thing as thin privilege.