College Student?

I’ve got the look.

Apparently at the age of 13,737 days OLD.

I was doing laundry, at the laundry o mat.

I told about our 4 locations in Lincoln, & someone said I must work on campus. That’s my life.

No Playground for me

Well I guess this hurts.

I can’t go to the park anymore. Unless we have a kid.

So it is fair to say that Councilman Mitch O’Farrell isn’t the best.

Buy Me NOW, thank You.

Okay, who’s buying me this shirt or hoodie?

I’ll take it in XL

Vernon J
6010 Thorton Dr., Apt. 1121
Lincoln, NE 68512


What shall I do #Saturday? #NYE. Ain’t no party like one with Vernon J there.

3/4 Tweets too late

When you realize that you are 3 or 4 twitter posts too late into NOT getting into a twitter war with someone.


I’mnot saying I won, but …



Do. NOT.

(1 more rant). I’m in the express lane with more than 20 items & I still think I’m entitled to talk to the people with under 20 items. #whatever.

No sir, you do NOT get to talk to me. You sir are over 20 items & in the bad lands.

I sir can count to 10 twice & if there are still items, I go to the full service lane.

She doesn’t win 

​Please share these #facts with someone who was against Trump or ‘electors changed baits for Trump’

We Have the Final, Official Totals for The 2016 Presidential Election.


I just had the best #dream. Maybe it wasn’t THE best. 

But it involved holding, pictures, & someone who liked me. 

Pretty. Awesome.