The only true statement in this is ‘I just introduced legislation … Lincoln and Omaha!

The rest is poppycock.
No I haven’t done all the research, but high speed rail in the US does work. But roughly stating that you would need 3 to 4 cities of (1,500,000+ citizen base in each city) to make it feasible.
Comments & Challenges welcome.
But #lnk doesn’t even run buses on Sunday.

Link to State Senator Morfield’s facebook post –[0]=68.ARDqUqG57O0yTv2Ap1XG-E1G_Y5aYR0tFPUsleKpZ-7jBAQ5rLj4bkBIKBzPPoLSYBZqfTMKzQmbXQ29uwDUf8oEOWiB-VOnyqsPfrZCY4ryf3SotQ9rbwpz0Zp176TxxW9d-gURxYcuQCuJ_uIWcu0e6ytIME58srjCiL2_6ks1u3RIPw7X6GBUpcUZva9RvYGMrk2HsbigO3Pc1iQzTBokwmpHHKeh3x9672hwqDcK1ogmeagCsZDbfqewMY5BvK56ZGKuy6IwERr4fVNwYJAMzqHrpgLpReBnAQG_wPVavSWZe5_UHbGnoT39WRhucCVCxcEX-U8ianjxpQSb6Q&__tn__=-R

Customer service

So I ordered a custom buckle from 17:20 VST

They website reads “Expect longer turnaround times during Holiday rush”

Okay, I got this email today.

Gee by golly.

I wouldn’t want to know what the normal time is if it is it the door in 16 hours.

Thanks for the customer service