More … NO

That still would’ve placed the city above the $110 a ton Firstar is charging many of its commercial customers, based on documents obtained by The World-Herald.

So they thought they would just stick it to the City of Omaha.

Thank You Mayor Stothert for not giving into their ‘bid’. Keep the line on reasonable and necessary expenses with the taxpayer’s money.

Yes, yes they will

You gotta pass the bill to find out how much it will cost you!


DNC communications director pressed on how $34T ‘Medicare-for-all’ plan will be paid | Fox News

$250 a week

So the UAW makes their members show up to the picket lines, I guess that’s okay for $250 a week.

But then if they made $251 at a part-time job they lose the strike pay.

Great job there.

They previously wouldn’t let them make more than the strike pay, they would lose that benefit.

They also have to show up to the picket line.

Behave yourself

As the saying goes, act as what you do will be on the front page, lead story on the evening news, or going viral on this here social media.
Even if your parent’s didn’t raise you to respect each other. It’s about time you start acting like you respect your fellow human being.
IF you can’t the Omaha Police Department, other LEO’s, & the judicial system will kindly remind you what respect is.

Our Association has been made aware of this social media post circulating about one of our dedicated members. This…

Posted by Omaha Police Officers Association on Tuesday, 3 September 2019

City Council adopts mayor’s budget including changes to paratransit service | Local Government |

That’s a lie.

The city is already using is cash reserves to cover the normal cost of city services.

You as my witness will see they will spend more than x+1% within the next 3 years.

The increase in spending average over the last 3 years is x.