Bad driver alert

Bad driver alert.

This driver has issues following the rules of be there road.

Northbound on 13th between Highway 2 and South St.

Speeding to merge left after warning signs are posted.

Late lane changing.

You’ve been alerted

Day Off

There are LOTS of Joy of working at #Dunkin‘ on campus at #UNL.
One of those will happen on Wednesday, because the building I work in is closed.
Thanks President Donald J. Trump & Governor Pete Ricketts. #DayOff in the middle of the week. #HumpDay.

No …

Good Evening,

Someone (let’s say a delivery driver) told me no.

I wasn’t very happy, let’s just say that.


You can say what you want, but the Government can’t deny you that right or restrict/punish you in any way.

1st Amendment

The story –

New Rule

New #Running Rule,

If Vernon J is every being chased by an alien beast, he isn’t going to encourage the alien beast to ‘come on’, ‘come at me bro’, or whatever similar phase encourages the beast to attack me.

I’m going to run like I’m late.

Watching I am Number 4 & John is screaming ‘come on’.

One City One School

A 10 point difference in City of #Omaha high schools. A pretty good argument for One City, One School. #Nebraska

story –

ACT & correlation with poverty 2018 by school | Flourish