Tomorrow & the next day

Tomorrow is Tuesday.

Some in the #USA will #vote. All who awake Tuesday morning, will go to bed Tuesday night.

2 days from today is Wednesday.

All who awake Wednesday morning, will go to bed Wednesday night.

You get to decide how you respond to Tuesday & everyday there after.


4 years

I’ll put this out here.

When a Presidential campaign ask ‘are you better off now, then you were 4 years ago’?

I have 6 ‘4 year blocks’. I can’t speak for the 22, because that was my first block.

But everytime. Everytime. I’m making more money, I have new friends, I experienced a lot.

Yes I’m better off.

Thanks Jodi

Smith College whistleblower hits campus Critical Race Theory indoctrination: “Stop reducing my personhood to a racial category”

Property Taxes

It’s ‘only’ $35 for $100,000. I wrote the Lincoln Airport Authority & informed them not to raise/utilize the levy.

Then next year it’s a different taxing entity.

2 years from now it’s a 3td taxing entity.

All of a sudden your taxes have went up to 1,000.

Don’t fall into the apathy of just not saying anything when your Government raises YOUR taxes.

Raise my taxes

Lancaster County resident’s.

Are you ready to give the Government additional money?

The airport authority is about to actually levy more taxes.