She has something to say, she must be crazy. Thinking she is going to call at 1 AM, why past my bedtime.


Question: How do you get an ex girlfriend to FINALLY shut her mouth. She keeps worry about me, and saying she doesn’t understand why we can’t be friends. I will tell you how, ask her if she is on her period. She doesn’t answer, and since she doesn’t answer that question. She can’t ask me 1 more question, until she answers that. I LOVE ASKING QUESTIONS THAT ARE NONE OF MY F’N BUSINESS. Now she nows how it feels

NMU Trespassing

I am a bad boy, I am not allowed on the campus of NMU, or I will be trespassing. FUCK THEM AND THE BOARD OF CONTROL. I just want them to give me my $689, and get the hell out of here before I go insane


I feel like crap, and still want to leave Marquette. I finally got to sit down and talk to Rebecca. Her breaking up with a boyfriend to be friends with me is TOTALLY understood by her and her roommate. That is what it means and nothing more, I recommended she go to conseling, I am going to do the same for her roommate. The fucking duck has floated downstream.

Last Post

As I am withdrawing from NMU I have to turn in this laptop. It will be my last post until winter semester. I have to go to the Peter White to access the internet.

Why she wants to come

because it is a rash decision, that is her answer

well at list I am being honest about how I feel, and why would you follow me? you seem to have forgot part of the e-mail


I am honest about how i feel, how am i not?

Subject: Re: Message Received
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 19:44:31 -0400

well at list I am being honest about how I feel, and why would you follow me?