How do you tell someone, very nicely. To A. KISS MY ASS!!, B. Fuck Off, C. Leave me alone?

It’s true

F A M E by spazyspag
Youre famous for: Bringing the Spice Girls back together
You get famous: April 28, 2023
You make $$ per/year: $30,571,620,522,572
Do people like you? Everyone hates you
Dead/Alive: No one knows
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Hot Damn we got a revelation

Well I finally got the ‘reason’ why she broke up with me. She didn’t have a problem with me working in school because ‘in school you had everything paid for‘ but she has a problem with me not working now because ‘now i have a problem, with you not working because you need to get stuff ‘. Now that I have it so clear, I think I will call her this weekend. I am thinking, that for me to need stuff. I AM STILL FUCKING ALIVE. Yup that’s right, I am still alive, but yet need to work for stuff.

Dale Jarrett got his 4th top ten of the season, I am happy. Normally this would be a bad trend but it’s all good

Living Status

Let’s say you had a boyfriend since October. Would you break up with him because he lives at a Mission for 3 weeks out of the summer?


When Bill France Jr. couldn’t say that word. and said I am having difficulty saying that word so I ain’t gonna say it. That’s great, this is why I love NASCAR.