There were 3

I brought 3 mittens today.image

Good Morning & Happy FNP!

I needed to stop by the bank this morning, so I had a little something extra to do. Although I left my name tag at home.

Today is Friday 02/28/V3.4 & it is the last day of the month, the first Fish Fry, & UNO Hockey Day!!! GO MAVS!!

Yesterday’s Spaghetti linguine & Meatballs was good. I thought I had the S, but I had the L. You didn’t hear any complaints (& there were non) from me. I LOVE my cook.

So have you heard of The International Association of Vernon J is Funny of Omaha? They decide if Vernon J’s are funny or not. They said I was funny, take that Danielle. 😛

Has this been an exciting week or what?

The word of the day is aubade which is a song greeting the dawn.

Well sunrise isn’t until 0700 49 mins away. I don’t know what aubade I’ll be listening to at that time. BUT right now Miley Cyrus is Wrecking that Ball.

I can say I’m riding all night long.

Have a Fantastic Day & Remember that the grass, dirt, and gravel all meet near the blacktop.

1st Song of the Day

I Love My Smile, I Love The Smile, so Share.

Avril Lavigne has a song called smile, but it isn’t as family friendly as Shanice’s song.