Good Morning

Got up 6900 seconds earlier than normal time(26100 seconds after midnight, CT)  Going to be a long day, Let’s win one game today, I don’t know what time we play though, @ Winchester’s

2007-05-09 Volleyball

2007-05-09 Volleyball III
2007-05-09 Volleyball III

Me and my new Shirt. Daniel thanks for taking, you forgot the rest of the team though!

Daniel took some pictures of me, He forgot the rest of the team though.  Thanks a bunch. 

Ask Her Out Already, U like her

  Post this saying “Ask Me Out Already I like u”


Whoever wants to go out with you will message you saying
“I would go out with you”


I so should have said something to the Iowa Jay’s girl.  If you were at volleyball you would knwo who I was talking about.

Repost this in 90 sec
you will be surprised who replys 2 you.
even if u have a boyfriend or girlfriend