Let It Go

Dear Distinguished Gentlemen from Tennessee.

I write to you today, as a citizen of The United States of America.

I’m a Republican here in the Great State of Nebraska.

I recently read an article were you are considering launching an investigation into the City of Memphis decision to sale a park to a nonprofit organization. http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/politics/2017/12/21/tennessee-house-republicans-call-investigation-after-memphis-removes-confederate-statues/973168001/

The cause of this sale resulted in confederate statues being safely removed and stored.

Gentlemen, this is a time when you show the strength of your character as a person who was elected by the people of your respective districts.

The citizens of Memphis has decided that the statues time and place has passed.

Just let this one go.



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Presser – CFSR DHHS

My prepared notes, that I left at home.


My name is Vernon J & I spent my juvenile and teenage years in foster care.,

As a juvenile I was removed from my father’s house due to neglect.

I was then reunited with my mother and due to abuse was returned to the foster care system at age 15.

IF it wasn’t for foster care, I wouldn’t be here today.  I’m thankful for my great foster parents, good social work staff, and other caring individuals throughout my life.

I’m currently the General Manager of store for a National Chain. As a foster child you can be successful. This is why I’m happy to serve the children, stakeholders, and citizens of Nebraska though the Children’s Commission and Commission for the Protection of Children.

We can make everybody that has contact with DHHS a successful outcome. IF that is reunification, adoption, or alternative permanent solution. I’m happy to do my part to contribute to those success outcomes.

YES the are challenges, but we have a GREAT Opportunities to meet those challenges head on.

I look forward to seeing the continued movement though the PIP at the Department over weeks, months, and years going forward.

Thank YOU.  

What: Nebraska DHHS PIP Kick-off Event
When: Tomorrow 13:00 to 15:30
Where: The Marriott Cornhusker Hotel – Lancaster Ballroom
Why: Discuss the CFSR & Program Improvement Plan.

As a former Youth in Foster care & Board Member of the Nebraska Children’s Commission & Commission for the Protection of Children I’m happy to speak about my experience.

IF you don’t know my story, I went to foster care twice in my life, (before 1st grade & after 15).

will post my prepared notes later.