Top 10 Worst Beers

Here are the 10 worst-tasting beers in the US and their average scores:

Anheuser-Busch InBev and Molson Coors Brewing Company make up 69% of the US beer market but 100% of America’s 25 worst-tasting beers, as compiled by 24/7 Wall St. The list is based on consumer rankings (from 0-5) found on Beer Advocate. And while their brews won’t win any taste tests, the two beer giants can take solace in the fact that their products are still the best-selling in the US, where beer-drinkers apparently place cost ahead of taste.

  • Natural Light: 1.86
  • Budweiser Select 55: 1.87
  • Michelob Ultra: 1.88
  • Bud Light & Clamato Chelada: 1.89
  • Corona Light: 1.90
  • Bud Light: 1.94
  • Busch Light: 1.99
  • Keystone Light: 2.02
  • Natural Ice: 2.06
  • Coors Light: 2.06

Omaha, NO Street Car ‘system’

City of #Omaha residents. Tell Mayor Stothert, City Council, & the yet to be named advisory committee you don’t want this.

Let’s look at some numbers. This story says this will costs $156,000,000 for this project. The 2016 Appropriated budget for Street Maintenance & Major Street Surfacing is 33,100,057…/2016_Section_F…).

Now those are pure $ numbers, but lets estimate $/Mile. The Public Works Department spends about 7,355.57 per mile to maintain the current infrastructure.

Based on the proposed route TDAPO to Don & Millies that is about 3.1 miles, I gave it 3.5 miles. The cost per mile for this adventure is 44,571,428.57.

Also The Transit Authority of the City of Omaha budget is 27,958,646

That’s quite an expensive project.


Vernon J had a #date. 

At least that’s what his employees boyfriend thinks (& is concerned).

  1. What? 
  2. I didn’t have a ‘date’, as they would like to consider it. 
  3. Why would he be concerned
  4. Who is he?
  5. She was young looking according to his employee, appatently I can’t date old people. 
  6. She thought it could be Tiffany (another employee).

I had a meeting with Acela, it wasn’t a romantic date. 

Thanks? For everything. 

This or That

#ThisOrThat, I don’t know if this (what actually happened to me), or that is better.

This – Pull up to a drive thru, (order, employee says I’m supposed to ask you if you want cookies), get to window. Are you cookies soft or hard, I don’t know.

Well I know about suggestive selling.

I hope none of my team members ever have that conversation with a guest.

or you could be like 20-year-old Garrett Norris and 19-year-old Meagan Dearborn  of New Hampshire.


More detail

I’ve been told tonight that I don’t believe in women’s equality. 

It’s been indicated that I want to deprive low-income women of health care. 

At least I wasn’t called a racist.