Limited Engagement

I thought companies put message & interactive elements on their website to engage people, A local news station has decided to limit that engagment.

Limiting Engagers

I’m one of the 93% of US Citizens that don’t use facebook. I got the information from, I used 300,000,000 million as the total US citizens.

I did ask them questions via a e-mail response.

I like this ~1.6%

So if your read about Occupy Omaha on this blog, then you know it went down.

According to KPTM, about 1.6% of the people who ‘like’ Occupy Omaha (on facebook) decided to show up to occupy Omaha.

This isn’t about Occupy Omaha, this is about people & their ‘activism‘ on facebook.  If 10% of your ‘fans’ aren’t willing to show up for an event, that is the culmination of your work.  Then that medium isn’t really the place to start or maintain an active group of protestors.

You need to be calling your friends & family.  asking them to support whatever cause you are really for.

P.S. You have a meeting before the public protest, NOT after.


Dissemination of Dis-Information

So someone posted on Google +

In the state of Nebraska there is a new law that says your child has to have a doctor’s note in order for their absence to be medically excused. What a pain in the butt.

I engaged in this conversation.   I don’t know it is public, but here is the link.

I inquired if she was talking about LB463? She did not deny that she was, so I am inclined to believe she was. AT no point did that bill indicate what she displayed. The bill information can be found here, you can read & decide for yourself.

I can’t accept the dissemination of Dis-Information.

I urge individuals to not participate in the dissemination of Dis-Information, & I urge you to hold Vernon J responsible as well.

@MikeBforBoss, no its not.

@MikeBforBoss I’m not biased, Dan doesn’t pay me.  I don’t think that network is a good network.  I’m on there, but I have two thing(fanpage & an invite) that I maintain.  I know how to call & e-mail people.  Post my pictures on, and blog on here.  So people know how to reach me & NO ADS!!!

A couple things that I promise.

I will never portray a fake thing.

My profile picture will always be of me, you won’t have to thing.  Which one is Vernon J.  If its associated with Vernon J then its me.  I don’t wanna lead you astray.

My YouTube videos will always have an appropriate title, I won’t try to get you in with a flashy title & then switch.

There that goes.

@darcykieran I just saw the post about that ‘social network’ sharing your address & phone number with advistisers.  I don’t add any apps, I think I’ve revoked all apps.


Someone tried to reset my password on the social networking site.

Too bad they sent me and e-mail & text message requesting me to confirm this change.

HAHAHA, whoever you are.