Why I’m NOT back on facebook


Dear Friends,(I’m not talking about you suckas who didn’t call, visit, e-mail or text me in August). 

I had(wanted) to get back on facebook because there were too many other fans posting on the wall for the Football game for Saturday. My twitter(www.twitter.com/Vernon_J_) accidentally posted a status update. (I KNOW I’m going) to hit the limitmaximum charcters, so visit the blog for an(THE FULL) explanation http://Vernon-J.livejournal.com/1275267.html

My name is Vernon J, if you noticed there are 2 distinct character types in my name, Lower AND uppercase.  Some of y’all apparently didn’t learn proper grammar. In my 6 week absence you still haven’t learned it, as I got a message from someone WITHOUT the capitlization.

Facebook’s ToS also won’t allow me to be just Vernon J, so I have to be something else until I get married.  The people who were quick to comment & notice that I was back was too quick.  My co-worker said I shouldn’t build people up and then tear them down.  I’m not sure if I’m going to continue to use facebook as the social media network it was intended for. 

My friends will know if I stop using it because I won’t be there & they’ll care.

If you too dang lazy

If you’ve been to lazy to call me, don’t be writing on my facebook wall.

Mike Switchenberg was the only person man enough to say. I’m not talking to you till you join facebook again.

at least he was man enough to be stupid enough to say that.

Thanks Mike for being a man.

Vernon J
422 N. 40th St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Way to Start

Nothing like a good Wii Fit Age +1, realizing that you did work out 1 more day this week, & a friend request denial to Start the #FNP off right

Going to Shakespeare on the Green today.

Who’s going to be there?