Keep Trying

You know what this is? —>

Good Try
Oh, you broke my window?

BUT, You know what this is —->

A Cup. That has Ice Cream. That is also whip cream on it.
A Cup.
That has Ice Cream.
That is also whip cream on it.

No, this is funny.

From the ‘that’s a funny picture’ group.  This was posted in response to a classic facebook ‘discussion’ on empathy.

Time to Celebrate?

It’s been #7Days.

Team #VernonJ has reason to celebrate.
We also got all of our laundry washed, dried, ironed, & put away yesterday.

It’s almost like the weekend wants to come a day early for us. BUT we all know that the weekend starts on Thursday.

But we certainly can call the #FNP up early.

So Happy #FNP everyone.

Police: Woman hit snoring boyfriend with pry bar

Look in the corner of her eye man. Do you see it? I don’t like snoring, but I’ve never hit one of my girlfriends with a pry bar. Also none of my girlfriends have never snored, so I got that going for me.

There also isn’t that thing in the corner of my eye.

Being Honestly

Recently (Wednesday or Thursday). I deleted contact, unfollowed from instagram & unfriended a single lady from my life.

My friend Jim told me that it was better to do it in person, but we were suppose to have dinner Wednesday night. NOT that she was aware of the reason I wanted to meet, she recently had a MAJOR change in her life.

But at 23:59:59 I have to do what’s best for Vernon J. I told a mutual friend (Jennifer), that I would do what I can.

But I’m Being Honest, I know what I want out of my life & it ain’t ‘maybe’s’, ‘I don’t want to ruin our friendship’.

I am willing to PUT IT ALL ON THE LINE.

But thanks to Mandi for inviting me to her Birthday Party.

I met a nice lady & ASKED HER OUT. .

I also had a GREAT dinner with Melissa on Thursday night.

So life will be what it is & what I want.


Thanks Mandi Raver​ for the invite.
Thanks Jim Gerner​ & Jennifer Skinner​ for listening & that’s all you did, cause I sure didn’t ask for advice.

Being Honestly

Team #VernonJ

Fear ????

I’m not fearless,


BUT the fears that I have can’t be solved by me alone.

Ask if you really want to know.

I am

We Be Clubbin’ by Ice Cube –

Good Morning everyone.

I won’t admit to dancing like i was at the club this morning. I also won’t deny it.

Today is day 13,036 for Team Vernon J.
Did y’all see the full moon? Don’t worry I got you. 


What’s the best way to start a weekend, like yesterday.

I’m doing this after work & a meeting.

Follow Vernon J on twitter,  join us, laugh & smile with us.

How was your Thursday?


A great weekend for Team Vernon J

Good Morning & Happy Monday!

Looking forward to a great week ahead.

Today is the 23rd day of February in my 36th year.

It started on Thursday. I worked, saw a movie, laughed.

Friday was almost like Thursday, except I went to a Fishfry. You can see pictures here –

Saturday I worked & went out to Brewsky’s.

This week is already bringing unexpected benefits. Have a dinner thing this evening.

My semi-annual dentist appt is today.

I’ve also made timing changes with my schedule. I’m thinking I’ll do four 8.5 days & one 6 hour day. Stay tuned you see how it goes.

Here’s an Apple that will be consumed soon.