Dating … In Valid

I saw this …


No my 1st Official Response was ‘have you asked out a guy?’

Now at this point I thought that I would stay out of this.

As you can see, before I even posted that I had changed my mind.

Now the original poster (I’m protecting their identity) responded this – 

My second response was dating is hard because it is the hardest thing you will ever do.

To get someone to say, yes I did like you when we did X. Let’s do X to the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Nth power.

So now since this person isn’t willing to take the initiative to ask a guy out, then I ain’t to worried about her not dating.

YES asking someone out is hard work, the last time I did it (sometime this month, in person) it was hard. NOW it didn’t work out, but I still asked her. (1 person knew before, 3 people know now).



List of e-mails I’ve used in my life. or

1st e-mail EVER
E-Mail used to sign into yahoo
E-Mail assigned to me by my isp
E-Mail set up for my personal google account management, when working 3 jobs where you need to keep a schedule & the Palm 100 isn’t cutting it anymore.
My preferred e-mail address since creating my own domain.

I’ve only put two of those on Resume’s. All but one are professional sounding e-mail addresses.

I would have never put something like (for example)., because it a) contains a bad word b) no employer cares how much you love something, unless it is working hard and advancing in your current career at their company.

The Iran Deal

Here is the deal that should have been offered to Iran.

A. You can’t have a Nuclear Weapon
B. You can’t enrich Nuclear material beyond what’s necessary for nuclear power.
C. International Monitors must be allowed 100% access anytime, anywhere,

Check Yes or NO!

No I’m not authority on geopolitical politics, but that is my feeling.


How I feel about Marijuant & ‘it doesn’t hurt anybody’.

Mark that is not true. The number of people killed in the drug trade is more than zero. Marijuana is illegal and just cause people like Sarah, Ron, David, & ‘the facebook generation’ feels that it shouldn’t be illegal means squat.

The reasons it is illegal is that it is illegal. Until the laws are changed people need to respect the law of the land.


Sad: you and 17,600 Target Canada employees are losing your jobs. Spiffy: you’re splitting $56 million in severance pay. Sick: the ex-CEO who killed the company is getting $61 million in severance pay himself

I don’t like this behavior at all. I’m NOT a fan of multi-million dollar severance packages, or sign-on packages.

When I started for First Data, the only sign-on bonus I got was the chance to take & pass a drug test. Frank’s information on employment is public record.

I’m sure if I was to leave (without my agreement, ie fired). I would not get a package. I might not even get my unused vacation. Which is standard procedure.

Businesses are private & can do what they want. BUT there is no good reason for these.

Oh Sanctions

The new measures are unlikely to make much of a difference in North Korea, which has been bombarded by sanctions for decades and has woven an obsession with self-reliance into its national psyche.

3 things to know about new US sanctions on North Korea (from @AP)

We were discussing* these sanctions on Friday.

By discussing I mean, making fun of the sanctions. How they world literally have no effect.

The U.S.A. doesn’t even have formal diplomatic relations with U.S.A. Click to read.

It’s like an ex-girlfriend (or boyfriend) saying they don’t like something.


So I see this. I’m shocked about her commentary. I then here the sad news of the NYPD officers being gunned down in their car.

A real shame.

These two officers no longer get to go home to their family.

Also hearing he shot his girlfriend  –

If you want to kill yourself. Just do it, don’t ruin three other lives.


Oh really?

If something needs to be done a certain way.

It should be spelled out in writing.

It isn’t rude & snooty, when I say such.

I ain’t Just Saying either.

Spell. It. Out.

It will make life easier.