Another Month

Goodbye September Hello October.

A joy filled start to my day, it’s on the button off my pants leg.

Today is the 1st Day of October in my 36th year.

Another relaxing night in Omaha.

UNO Hockey starts this month. Monday is the first game. Team Vernon J week be there. Getting excited for the return to the Ice.

The Word of the day is demesne which is possession of land as one’s own.

The Equalizer was a great movie. Although pretty far fetched. No man can take down the eastern Russia Mafia, the enforcers team, the head of the snake & his security team. With that being said.

All that could’ve been avoided for a mere 9,800 in ca$h. But no someone had to get all uppity.

A good romantic comedy If I do say so myself*. It had everything, a love story, intrigue, corrupt cops & other people. Barbed Wire, nail guns, spy cameras, helicopters, even some honey.

After working 8.58 hours, went to the g-store, came home cooked & made some bacon, ate dinner, relaxed in the couch. Talked to Jeanie, who is out of state this week. She sent me a postcard.

Tonight is laundry night & everything what I did yesterday. I’ll work more hours, smile more, have Ice Cream.

What do you got hung on today, Monday?

*this is my blog


Good Afternoon,

We went to see Lucy last night.

I’d give it two stars out of seven stars.

Lucy had an overdose of drugs, thanks to the illegal smuggling trade.

She starts to access more of her brain. But knows she is dying & needs to get this to someone.

She builds a new supercomputer & downloads all her knowledge onto a USB stick.

There are snipers, tattoo artists, prior getting stabbed in both hands, crybabies who get shot, a long high-speed drive through Paris.

I wouldn’t go see it.

The preview for let’s be Cops is funny #LetsBeCops


We are along for the ride.

Good Morning & Happy Wednesday,

BUT I want to drive.

Today is Wednesday02/26/V3.4 & it is my long day.

So yesterday was great, I got my new corrective lenses. You can see photos here, I also went and saw Robocop.  It was a fantastic movie, a new take on the classic.

Picture is from
The Science of Robocop

I guess if you haven’t seen the first you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.

It was definitively a well done job. I think it is an Oscar Contender for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, & Best Supporting Actress.

Your move Academy of crap that is totally worthless to me  I don’t actually care about.

The meeting at the hotel was good, fun times that to Spencer and TJ. No you wouldn’t have missed it if you weren’t there. What you don’t follow us on twitter? Guess you should. Vernon J Omaha (Vernon_J_) on Twitter,Spencer Head (Spencer_Head) on Twitter, & TJ Ewin (TJEwin) on Twitter. All Great Guys to follow, sorry ladies but Spencer is married.

The word of the day is fusty which is old-fashioned or out-of-date. There isn’t anything wrong with being fusty, it has worked all those years. Probably about time we have a little fusty going around.

I was thinking as I was heading home last night that Saturday is MY Saturday. I don’t have to do anything that isn’t fun, exciting, or professionally related. I’m going to the UNO Hockey Game. The Colorado College Tigers come into town, now that’s my kinda fun. Look for a pre-game notes either today or tomorrow from Omaha Athletics.

I hope you have a fantastic day, make it your own.

Waiting for Forever

I just watched the movie. It is a GREAT. We may have all struggled with Love at one point or another. This is a journey to tell that special someone that you are willing to wait for forever to be with them.

YOUR life probably won’t change if you watch this movie, but you should watch it anyways.  It is currently on Netflix.


Triple Double Oreo

The Oreo Triple Double

I bought some Triple Double Oreo’s today. As you can see they are 5 layers of Oreo cookie stuff.

I think the Oreo Creme is smaller than the regular Oreo. If they last that long I’ll get out.

They tasted like Oreo’s nothing special.

This has been an official of the Triple Double Oreo by Vernon J.

The Helzberg Diamonds box wasn’t place there by accident, could there be something in it?

My Review of Cowboys & Aliens

On Friday 07/29/V3.2 I went & saw Cowboys & Aliens at Aksarben Cinema at 17.15.

The movie starts off in the dessert & III guys getting laid out on the gluteus maximus by Daniel Craig & it gets better from there.

Thee are quite a few explosions & fist-to-cuffs, what does that mean anyways?

The aliens are quite scary to look at, & they also get their alien gluteus maximus kicked by the human race.  The Native Americans & Cowboys team up & save the world.  That is what happens when we work together.  We should all get along for the sake of humanity.

A good movie & I would recommend you see it, but you’re a grown-up & you can decide on your own.

Crazy, Stupid, Love!

This is wear I inform you, that you missed a good movie.

Ha, Ha, should’ve came.

If you haven’t heard about CSL I’m gonna get a gun & won’t be afraid to shoot you in the face.

It isn’t what you would consider a ‘chick flick’, it deals with everything from teen love, parenting, divorce, & The Scarlet Letter. Yes it is a high-brow comedy.

I would go see the movie if I was you. It opens on Friday 07/29/V3.2!

Enjoy the show.

My review of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

So on Saturday 07/02/V3.2 I went to Aksarben Cinema & saw Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.

It is part III in the Transformers, Michael Bay project.  If you haven’t heard of it, I guess you are doing just fine.  After all you are reading The Official Blog of Vernon J.  Can’t go wrong there, I like you.

So it starts off by NOT explaining how MegaTron gets out of the ocean after being placed there.

Well if you haven’t seen the trailer you’ll have no clue what I’m talking about.  You know that a ‘Transformer’ has landed on the moon.  Well Sentinel Prime has left Cybertron & his plane is hit and crashes onto the moon.  Well apparently the mission(s) to the moon was a cover-up to explore the crash.  That would explain why NASA has wasted billions of our tax dollars.

Well Sentinel Prime was transporting pillars that could transport non-humans across great distances.  Well Sentinel had struck a deal with Megatron to transport Cybertron within the distance of earth to save the planet & ensalve earthlings.  Well this is bad, cause we aren’t taking that, laying down.

The United States of America has made an agreement with the Autobots to protect the world.  Well once Sentinel Prime comes back he threatens the U.S. government & they kick the Autobots off the planet. Yet the autobots are sneaky, & don’t actually leave earth.  Although it appears they were destroyed in the space shuttle.

Yes the humans & autobots kick butt & save the planet again.  Sam makes out with the hot girl. The future is safe for now.

If you wanna go see the movie you should.

Oh, by the way.  This review contains spoilers. Ah-Ha-Ha.