Media Player Change

Major change for the ole PC. I got sick of Windows Media Player, they wouldn’t show the previous played list for maybe the last month or so. I am not officially a Music Match listener. The Album cover becomes your wallpaper during the song. That is pretty sweet. I don’t know how well the music buying/downloading works yet. MSN Music also didn’t charge your account right away, they did it once a month. I didn’t get hit with anything bad, that is just not a good way to do business with me.

Concert was Jamming

Miranda did about half an hour, and she sang a new song Hillbilly Highway.

She said she loved my hair, her guartist was standing there. She said he was jealous.

Tracy Lawrence went on about 8:20 to 9:00ish maybe.

George took that stage at 9:30 to 11:00.

It was worth the $$ I paid for. Rock on.

2 Hours

Should be the last update until post-concert. Could be awhile, hoping to get an invite to the tour bus. Kids can you say groupie?