Promotions & Team

So I am now a shift leader at Dunkin’

Good Afternoon & Happy Wednesday!

There has also been changes at First Data. I’ve moved from the Pentagon Federal Credit Union Credit team to the debit team. Nothing changes at the macro level. Still Monday – Friday, Flex Scheduling.

Dunkin’ Donuts big changes as a shift leader. I’ll be in charge of the shift, pay changes, schedule changes. I’ll be working some Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday evenings. I started doing this on Sunday 02/08. A slight learning curve, but I can handle it.

What’s new in your world?

Well let’s see what we got this weekend?

Thursday Night we have the NASCAR Sprint Cup Budweiser Duels. Coverage starts at 1600 on Fox Sports 1, race starts at 1800 on Fox Sports 1. I can guarantee that it will be on at Vernon J’s place. IF you want to go to Brewsky’s & watch the race, I’m okay with that.

Friday is the 1st & only guaranteed Fish Fry of the season. Visit Jim’s Facebook group for more information.

I’m excited.

Today was a tough day for me.

I went & saw Jupiter Ascending, it is a great movie. MUCH better than any other movie I’ve went & saw this month.

Thanks for reading.


I’m not about a Fad Diet.

Good Morning & Happy Monday.

I did a little research on what a fad diet is. It has to meet 1 or more of these categories. Is that what your diet is about?

  1. A particular food or food group is exaggerated and purported to cure specific diseases.
  2. Foods are eliminated from an individual’s diet because they are viewed as harmful.
  3. An emphasis is placed on eating certain foods to express a particular lifestyle.

Well I can tell you I’m not about that life. I eat a well balanced diet.

This morning i had rice, eggs, bacon, a 100% Fruit Smoothie. For lunch I have meat, cheese, romaine lettuce, on 12-grain bread. I’m About that Life of eating healthy.

The word of the day is fiddlestick which is anything; a bit.

I had an amazing Weekend & Sunday. I had the day off on Thursday, Friday I went to work, went to Godfather’s Pizza, went & saw Mortdecai Thanks Melissa for inviting me out. It was a great time & movie. Saturday didn’t do much but work and chat with friends. Online & on the phone. Much of the same Sunday, except a 2+ hour nap. I should’ve set an alarm on that one.

I’m looking forward to this week. Back to seven days of work. Holidays over. Filling my taxes Saturday or Sunday on break.

Tuesday we have an election for Chairman of the Douglas County Republican Party. 1900 @ Comfort Inn.

Wednesday, & Friday I don’t have any plans.

Thursday I work, laugh, smile.

What do you have going on?


So I saw Selma last night.

A very powerful movie.

I would recommend & encourage you to go see this.

I’m also happy that I’ve never had those struggles in my life.

We have got it pretty good right now.

Thanks for all the hard work of those TRUE Civil Rights Leaders.


So I saw Selma last night.

A very powerful movie.

I would recommend & encourage you to go see this.

I’m also happy that I’ve never had those struggles in my life.

We have got it pretty good right now.

Thanks for all the hard work of those TRUE Civil Rights Leaders.

Don’t be that way.


I was watching @cbsnews & the champion of divisive conversations was mentioned.

The above picture is for a portion of the 2014 BET Awards.

It’s always great to have a good dose of racism in the morning.

You can read Al’s statement here.

Apparently the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite was trending on Twitter. Hey. That’s just as racist as #BlackLivesMatter.

This got my attention:


I’m not a fan of awards show, there is to much talking.

The awards show are a private club & the public is kindly invited to observe their proceedings. We don’t know who got voted for. The top five with the most votes are presented for the public to fawn, oooh, & ah over for a few weeks.

Just for the record. The 84th Annual Awards had a similar nominee slate.

In summarization: Just cause there is a Civil Rights theme of a movie with a heavily black cast doesn’t mean IT NEEDS special honors.

Keep bringing up race with negative connotations & we won’t be able to get to the content of our character.

*editor’s note*

Vernon J does not like Al Sharpton.
Vernon J does not like anyone who uses race in any conversation where it is irrelevant.

Five Months

We are five months away from the 37th Annual Celebration of Vernon J.

God’s Morning & God’s Way.

Looking forward to this year’s celebration. Making new friend’s? Bringing smiles for sure.

Today is the 9th day of January in Vernon J’s 36th year.

Had a good, interesting, & I’m tired kickoff to the weekend. I got an extra three hours of work yesterday. Worked a total of 13.25 instead of the 10 I anticipated. Get paid by the hour.

The word of the day is interosculate which is to form a connecting link.

Team Vernon J has made a change of plans for the party tonight. We will not be going to see Selma tonight. As of the current time. Stay tuned to The Official Blog of Vernon J for any changes.

We are going to Rojá tonight. For happy hour. Meet us at 512……….

Have a great day.


Great Start

We’re on Day IV of MMXV.

A great start to the year, weekend, & Sunday.

Thursday I worked.

Friday I worked, got a haircut, went out to Applebee’s.

Saturday I worked, grocery stopped, napped, smiled.

Sunday I worked, got off early, napped, relaxed.

Looking forward to the next moment.

I work everyday this week, double on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday we are going to see Selma. I can tell you as of today it Well be an evening showing, probably in the 1800 – 2000 range. If you want to go, shoot me an email (, text or call me 402-516-4401.

Make it fantastic.

Goode Night